Thursday, August 15, 2013

But you need a compiler. Or an interpreter. Or something. -- やっぱり、コンパイラかインタープリタか何か要る

Yes, you do need some kind of something to run the programs on.


Well, I think Microsoft has a trial version of VisualStudio or .net whatever that you can use free for a month, or something like that. But, ya know, Microsoft's tools are not what I call fun.


I suppose they're fun for people who think that watching their bank balance grow is more fun than watching a good football game.


If you enjoy having your manager breath down your neck for yelling for visible results while you slap things together that you don't really understand, well, go ahead, buy Microsoft's tools. And pay for the courses where they teach you how to use them, because the stuff you slap together without training falls apart as quickly as it goes together. And you still will be grinding away, putting results up too fast to understand what you're doing.


I don't want to do that on my free time.


Which is why I recommend a Linux (Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, CentOS, etc.) or BSD (FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Dragonfly BSD, etc.) OS. All the tools are there, free for the downloading. And they are designed to be used with thought.

という事が僕がリナックス(デビアン、フェドラ、ウブンツなど)若しくはBSD(FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Dragonfly BSD など)を推奨するわけです。必要な道具はただでダウンロードできます。考えながら使うようにできている。

Apple's Mac also works, but it's something of minefield.


But if you insist on using a Microsoft OS, Microsoft Windows whatever, there are Mingw and Cygwin. (See mingw and cygwin on wikipedia.) (And I blogged sometime about using mingw, in particular, to get an infinite precision calculator on your PC. I'm going to repeat that in this blog, I think, for both Mingw and Cygwin.)

では、マイクロソフト社のMSウィンドウズオーエスはどうしても使うなら、Mingw 及び Cygwin というものはあります。(ウィキペディアmingwcygwin も参考できます。)(つい先、 mingw を使って桁数の無制限電卓をパソコンにインストールすることについて英語でブロッグしました。このブロッグで、 Mingw と Cygwin 双方とものインストールについて、その投稿を繰り返すつもりです。)

One of the primary tools is the shell, so let's talk about that next.


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