Thursday, August 15, 2013

Yes, Virginia, programming really is fun! -- ほんとうですよ、ヴァジニアちゃん、プログラミングは楽しい!

Programming really is fun.


Maybe not in the same way as watching a good football game, but fun.


Something like the way playing Bugdom is fun -- exploring, poking around in the library to see what things do, squashing bad bugs and learning from unexpected features.


Some programmers say that programming is an allegory of living.


(Hmm. I just looked that up on the web to be sure I'm not the first person who has ever said that. I'm not, but Plato's allegory of the Cave shows high in the results page. Not entirely meaningless.)


Now, Microsoft, Apple, and Oracle would have you believe that programming is hard. Probably because they want an excuse to take your money. But you pay to watch professionals play football, so why should they worry?


Well, this blog is yet another experiment, that will probably go in fits and starts, too. (Am I being wasteful of Google's largess?) But I hope to present enough of an introduction at an easy level to break down some of the prejudices people have developed about it.


To start with, you need to think about your tools.


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